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The COR Content Management System is designed to cater to large businesses that have many uses with different roles managing the on-going changes of the corporate website down to the single editor website.

Mini-sites is the package that is targeted at the single editor website that contains:
  • Fixed number of pages in the website
  • File Management for uploading files, such as photos and documents
  • Selection of site colour scheme from a list of themes
  • Rich Text editor for adding content to the website
  • Access to the CMS Admin Panel (basic option)

In addition, the mini-site owner can select from a number of options, including:
  • News Item with Editor and News Scroller placed on any page
  • Newsletter and Subscription allows the mini-site to be configured to create Rich Text newsletters that can be sent to your customers. This component includes customer subscription where people can sign up for your newsletter or cancel subscription.

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