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Jetfire Licenses

Jetfire is dual licensed. It is available with a GNU GPL (v3) or a commercial license. The commercial license provides extra features and support. The core Jetfire client software (client Nexus) is identical regardless of the type of license.

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Commercial License

A Jetfire commercial license provides the following extra features.
  • The ability to incorporate Jetfire in other commercial products.
  • The ability to re-brand Jetfire.
  • Web Parts (Web Parts codeplex site)
    • Includes source code.
  • An enhanced Nexus Server
    • Software is licensed for 2 servers (development and production).
    • Enhanced security features using roles.
      • Role management
      • Finner security granularity with the ability to apply security features to field level of objects.
      • Ability describe objects as Read Only.
    • Transparently from the Jetfire language perform server based searching using Linq constructs.
      • In the open source version the objects must be cached in client in order to perform searches.
    • Ability to handle a much larger number of workflows
    • Audit records and reporting tools
  • Silverlight client
    • Includes source code and test suite.
  • Direct support.

Distribution License

A distribution license provides commercial license features on multiple Nexus servers.


Licensing Primer

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