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A Jetfire 'workflow class' is a true OO class. Jetfire workflow classes are a superset of C# classes having a number of unique first class attributes such as persistence, dynamic access modifiers, and states. A workflow class is used to create workflow objects.

C# Class Similarities

The Jetfire workflow class is modeled after the .net C# class. It shares these features in common with a .net C# class:

  • Fields
  • Methods
  • Constructor
  • Properties

Additional Features

In addition the Jetfire workflow class has these features.

  • Workflow States
  • Persistent
    • Workflow classes are stored in a server nexus.
    • Each workflow class has a GUID supporting retrieval and tracking.
    • Is automatically serialized to permanent storage.
    • Upon start up workflow classes are automatically restored to client nexus.
    • Workflow classes contain the values of the static fields.
  • Immutable
  • Builtin source control/versioning
  • Workflow objects are bound to workflow classes.
  • Source code is compiled and dynamically linked to other source code.
  • The source code for a workflow class is stored in a parse unit.
  • Code is represented as objects.

Differences between Jetfire and C# Classes

Difference between a C# Class and a Jetfire workflow class.
  • C#
    • Source code is compiled and linked to other libraries
    • Static access modifiers - private, protected, internal and public
  • Jetfire Workflow Class
    • Source code is interpreted and linked to other source code on-the-fly.
    • Access modifiers can change dynamically.

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