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Parse Unit

This is an immutable Jetfire object that is stored in the server nexus as a member of a namespace. When source code is successfully parsed it is automatically saved as parse unit in the server nexus. Parse units are the fundamental building block for Jetfire versioning. The parse unit object contains the following information:
  • A unit of source code, typically a single workflow class. This is sometimes referred to as 'the source code file'.
  • A version 'GUID' which identifies other versions of the source code.
  • A list of GUID links to the actual composite classes that were created when the source code was originally parsed.
  • Other information such as creation time, versions number, etc.

Parse Unit Object

Parse unit objects (.net object) are stored in a collection within the client nexus. The parse unit objects are automatically created when a client nexus is instantiated. The parse unit collection object can be obtained by using the instance property 'TjNexus.CodeCollection'.

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