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Figure 1: Rich-Text Viewer Example

Figure 1: Rich-Text Viewer Example

CMS Rich-Text Viewer Web Part

This section shows examples of how the Rich-Text Viewer displayed in a browser. Figure 1 is an example of a Rich-Text Viewer.


The Web Part is accessed from the CMS Designer Web Parts Library.

Rich-Text Viewer Features

  • View Rich-Text in web page
  • Edit Rich-Text in the web page when logged in
  • WYSIWYG editor. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use this editor.
  • Identify Roles that can save the content as Draft only (refer to Figure 3).
  • Identify Roles that can publish the content.

Edit using Rich-Text Editor

Figure 2 shows text being edited. Figure 2: Edit using Rich-Text

Figure 3: Rich-Text Properties

Figure 3: Rich-Text Properties

Edit Propertoes

Custom Edit properties (Figure 3) include:
  • Rich-Text: Enter the text that is displayed in the Web Part.
  • Publish Permissions: Identify what Roles are allowed to publish text.
    • select the Roles that are allowed to publish content for this Web Part. Other Roles may be able to save text as Draft.
  • Show Print Command: If checked, then a Print Icon is displayed allowing the user to print the content in the Web Part.
  • Common COR Edit Features - Wiki version