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Building Web 2.0 Pages

Modified on 2010/08/18 02:24 by Charles Categorized as Website Design

This page explains what is required to get started using CMS and Jetfire Web Parts.

Getting Started with CMS

A minimal ASP.NET website must be built using Microsoft Visual Studio or an equivalent tool. The website includes:
  • Forms Authentication Database (this can be built using the ASP.NET Configuration tool in Visual Studio.)
  • A Page with Create User Web Part and Login Web Part
  • User created using the Create User Web Part.
  • Style Sheet that defines the look and feel of the site.
  • CMS Web Part Library Control that defines the Web Parts available for importing into Pages.
  • MasterPage that defines the layout of the page.
  • Web.config file
  • At least one page for content.
  • Optional additions:
    • Images folder
    • Pages folder

CMS Sample Website

A sample website is available on code plex that contains a number of additional pages to give the site builder a good start.

Getting Started with Jetfire

Use Jetfire Web Parts to integrate workflows into your Web 2.0 application.

Jetfire Web Parts build on the COR solution. Additional requirements include:
  • (optional) SQL Server 2008 database is used to implement LINQ capabilities.
  • (Jetfire) Web Part Library Control
  • web.config file updated for Jetfire (contains additional application settings)

Jetfire Web Parts Sample Website

A sample website is available on code plex. - Wiki version