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   CMS Access Rules Web Part
         Allow and Deny
         Edit, Catalog and Design Actions
      Edit Properties

CMS Access Rules Web Part

This Web Part is used to refine how CMS Roles can access to pages within a folder by setting Edit, Catalog and Design.



To delete a role rule, click 'Delete' beside the rule. To add a role rule, click 'Add'.

  1. Select a folder for which CMS Roles rules are defined.
  2. Review the list of CMS Roles.
  3. For each rule:
    1. Select Allow or Deny
    2. Select whether this applies to COR, Jetfire or Both Roles
    3. Check one or more Roles that the rule applies to
    4. Check one or more actions that the rule applies to: Edit, Catalog, Design
  4. Click Save

Allow and Deny

Allow means that the selected actions are allowed for the selected roles. Deny is the opposite. Think in terms of defining the opposite of what the rule is. e.g. To Deny the Editor from accessing the Library and Design, the actions for Catalog and Design are checked and the Editor Role is checked. If Allow is selected, the the editor is allowed access to the Catalog and Design actions. By selecting Deny, the Editor is not allowed to add or move Web Parts on the page.

Edit, Catalog and Design Actions

Roles for Microsoft Web Parts allow the user to edit Web Parts, add Web Parts to a page and move Web Parts about on the page. It is an 'all or nothing' rule. By adding CMS Access Rules, a refinement to the rules is achieved. Roles are given access to any combination of:
  • Edit: editing Web Parts.
  • Catalog: This action allows the user to view the catalog of Web Part Libraries.
  • Design: This action allows the user to move Web Parts into zones about the page.


This Web Part is accessed by the CMS Admin Panel.

Edit Properties

Properties that can be edited for this Web Part include:
  • Admin Role: A comma-delimited list of Roles that are allowed to view and edit the Web Part.
  • Folders: a comma-delimited list of folders that can be viewed with this Web Part. The default folder is the root folder, '~/'. If one folder is added, then the user can view and edit the CMS Roles that have access to pages in the folder.
  • Common COR Edit Features. - Wiki version