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Figure 1: Link List Editor

Figure 1: Link List Editor

CMS Create Web Page Web Part

This Web Part is used by the CMS WebMaster to add Web Pages to the site. Figure 1 shows the Web Part configured for the Page Template option.

The WebMaster can create Pages either by choosing a Master Page or a Page Template (based on Web Part configuration). The Master Page option creates a page that contains the content of the Master Page only. e.g. typically, the Master Page contains the Organization image header and the main navigation menu. This appears in the page. The Page Template option creates a page that contains the content of the Master Page and any Web Parts that are defined in the Page Templates file.

The Page Templates file contains the definition for one or more pages. Each page contains zero or more Web Parts that are added to the page. Each Web Part contains Properties that are set when the page is created.


This Web Part is accessed by the CMS Admin Panel.

Create Web Page Features

  • Create pages
    • Create from Master Page
    • Create from Template Pages
  • Set the Title, Description and Keywords of the page
  • Option to include page in the Navigation menu
    • Adds page to the Navigation Links File

Create Web Page Procedure

This section contains the procedure for creating a Web Page. This section is used when the Web Part is configured for the Page Template option.

  1. Select a folder for the new Web Page
  2. Select a page from the Templates Pages
  3. Check the Include in Menu option, if you want the page included in the Navigation File.
    • If checked, select the menu name that the page is included in.
    • If checked, this option includes the page in any navigation menus used in the website.
  4. Enter the name of the page. This is used as the address for the page.
  5. Enter the title of the page. This appears at the top of the browser and identifies the page to search bots.
    • e.g. if you select the Pages folder and enter 'MyPage", then the address of the page is '/Pages/MyPage.aspx'.
  6. Optionally enter the Description and Keywords. Your search statistics improve by entering this information on every page. The information must be unique for the page.
  7. Click the Save button to create the page.
  8. An 'Open' link appears. Click it to open the new page.

Figure 2: Link List Editor

Figure 2: Link List Editor

Edit using Create Web Page Editor

Figure 2 shows link list attributes being edited.

Customizing the Create Web Page Part

Custom Edit properties for the Link Lists include:
  • Folders: A comma-delimited list of folders that pages can be added to
  • Create from Templates: An option to create pages from Page Templates
  • Templates File: The path to the Page Templates file. This defines the Web Parts added to the page when it is created.
  • Navigation file: Xml file for Links
  • Common COR Edit Features - Wiki version