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COR is available as a download. It is FREE for personal and commercial applications - it includes binaries, source and can be used for personal and commercial applications.

COR helps power Users become Web gurus by letting them build and maintain Web Sites. Users, with only a browser, can log on to the website to modify or create pages. Pages employ templates that support on-the-fly placement of Web Parts by the user. Page templates and style sheets are originally created by the Website Designer using Visual Studio.

COR comes with a Library of Content Management Web Parts. One notable inclusion in the library is a Word Viewer Web Part. It allows users to update content using Microsoft Word. Tables, formatting, and pictures in the Word document are automatically converted to HTML by the Word Viewer Web Part.

Jetfire Web Parts can be added to provide enhanced Site features such as Survey's, Quizes, Event Registration, etc. Jetfire workflow domain specific language, working with Jetfire Web Parts, can be created to add custom workflows.

COR can use, as the server, any Windows or Vista PC that supports Internet Information Services and the Microsoft Forms authentication database. If you are just 'test-driving' COR, then Visual Studio and Microsoft Forms authentication database is the simplest approach.

Building Websites with COR provides a starting point for understanding the contents of COR. - Wiki version