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Languages and Web Pages

COR supports multiple languages for content on websites. The user groups impacted include:
  • Users, who view the Web Pages
  • COR Administrators, who configure the website

Learn how to setup languages.


Users want to:
  • Select the language of their choice.
  • View web pages in the language of their choice.
    • Content-based Web Parts that display text and images to users are based on a language.
    • Form-based Web Parts prompt the user for input, e.g. the Login Form.

COR Administrators want to:
  • Configure the language of each Web Part.
  • Provide a selection of languages supported.

Languages and Web Parts

All Web Parts, both COR and Jetfire, support the language option. The language default is that the Web Part is displayed for all languages. If the COR Administrator selected a language, such as English for the Web Part, it is only displayed if the User has selected English as their preferred language.

The language option allows the user to select the language of the Web Part. This is matched against the selected language of the User. If they match, then the Web Part is displayed. If they do not match, then the Web Part is not displayed.

Form-based Web Parts

There are a number of Form-based Web Parts that are used to interact with Users. These include:
These Web Parts use language files to support multiple languages.

These Web Parts are not configured for language. Rather, the language displayed is based on the language selected by the User.

Select Language Web Part

The Select Language Web Part allows the user to select a language. The Web Master typically positions this Web Part on every page, so that the User can select it at any time.

Supported languages are configured for the website and are displayed in the control.

Selecting a Language

Users are directed to a greetings page where they can select their language.

Alternatively, users may view any page and switch to the language of their choice. This is done by adding the Select Language Web Part to the web page.

Language Files

Web Parts that prompt the user for input are multiple language compliant. Language files are used to configure the Web Parts. The language files contain a list of phrases for English and other languages. - Wiki version