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   Create CMS Role and User Web Part
      Edit Properties

Figure 1: Create User with Role Form

Create CMS Role and User Web Part

Create CMS Role and User is used to create a CMS user with a Role. If the Role does not exist, the Role is created.


This Web Part is accessed by the CMS Admin Panel.


Features include:
  • The form is used to create a CMS User with a Role.
  • The form is available in the CMS Admin Panel.
  • The form can be added to any page from the CMS Login Library.
  • The password can be automatically generated for applications and sent to the user via Email.
  • A captcha prompt is available as part of the form.
  • Fields are marked required must be filled in before user is created.
  • The form can be easily secured using the Admin Role.


To create a User with a Role:
  1. Enter a Role - this may be an existing Role or a new Role.
  2. Enter the Login ID. This must be a unique name, e.g. the user's email address is gaining popularity.
    • Note: The Login ID may not be changed after it is saved.
  3. Enter a password and confirm (this step may not be required if the password is automatically generated).
  4. Enter a valid email address, to which the (optional) registration can be sent.
  5. Enter a security Question and Answer (this may not be displayed if the site does not allow password recovery).
  6. Click 'Save'
    1. At this point, the Role is validated and created if necessary.
    2. The user and password is created with email, and optional Question and Answer.
    3. The (optional) email is sent to the email of the user confirming registration.

Figure 1: Editor for Create User with Role Form

Figure 1: Editor for Create User with Role Form

Edit Properties

Custom Edit properties include:
  • Admin Role: A comma-delimited list of Roles that can use the Web Part.
  • Captcha Type: A captcha prompt can be configured for the form.
  • Auto-generate Password?: If checked, then the password is auto-generated for the user.
  • Send Email?: An option to send an email to confirm that a user has registered.
  • Email Subject: The subject of the email sent to the user when the user and role are created.
  • Email Body: The body of the email sent to the user when the user and role are created.
  • Prompt For From Address: A flag that if checked prompts the user for a from address. The email is bcc'd to this address.
  • From User Credentials: A valid email address for the domain. This is used as the credentials to send the email.
  • From Password Credentials: A valid email password for the domain.
  • Common CMS Edit Features - Wiki version