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      Jetfire WebParts
      Jetfire Forms Toolkit

This page summarizes downloads available from TrackerRealm. These include:

  • COR - a SiteBuilder tool - a library of Web Parts that makes it easy for users to build and maintain websites.
  • Jetfire - a workflow domain specific language designed to make writing persistent programs very easy.
  • Jetfire WebParts - a powerful and elegant GUI (Graphical User Interface) for displaying your custom written workflows in a Web Browser.
  • Jetfire Forms Toolkit - a powerful and elegant GUI (Graphical User Interface) for building Forms, Quiz'es and Surveys.


COR - SiteBuilder tool helps power users become Web gurus by letting them build and maintain Web Sites. Users, with only a browser, can log on to the Web Site to modify or create pages. Pages employ templates that support the placement of Web Parts by the user. Page templates, Web Parts and styles can be created by a programmer using Visual Studio.

COR comes with a Library of Web Parts. One notable inclusion in the library is a Word Web Part. It allows users to update content using Microsoft Word. Tables, formatting, and pictures in the Word document are automatically converted to HTML by the Word Web Part.


Jetfire is a workflow domain specific language designed to make writing persistent programs, sometimes called workflows, very easy to write and maintain. It derives its syntax from Java and C#. Jetfire extends this syntax by adding first class support for features such as states, roles, audit information and persistence. Objects in Jetfire are automatically and transparently stored in a database.

To make programming easy Jetfire programs are automatically multi-user and a single instance of a program can transparently operate simultanously on multiple computers. Jetfire supports, but hides from the programmer many complex, but necessary features such as multi-threading, events and insuring data operations are atomic.

Jetfire includes an application framework that aims to increase the speed and ease with which workflows are created. The framework offers skeleton code (scaffolding) to aid in designing new applications. The Jetfire framework is written in the Jetfire programming language. Applications using the Jetfire framework naturally support the Model-View-Controller design pattern.

Jetfire WebParts

Jetfire WebParts provide a powerful and elegant GUI (Graphical User Interface) for displaying your custom written workflows in a Web Browser. Using the Jetfire language - an open source, object oriented, scripting language - makes writing persistent programs (workflows) very easy to write and maintain. Over 30 WebParts make it easy to display workflows designed with the Jetfire language.

Jetfire WebParts are generic Web Page design components that can be used for any Jetfire workflow that you design. This project takes an application approach to showing how to apply Jetfire using Web Parts that best display the information to the user. Application Web Pages are included in the project.

The project builds on the Microsoft Forms Authentication database created in Visual Studio and customized for Jetfire use (database included in project). Login Web Parts are included to login and subsequently configure Web Parts on the web pages.

Jetfire Forms Toolkit

Jetfire Forms Toolkit allows users to build forms, quiz's and polls easily for immeditate deployment.

The Jetfire Forms ToolKit wraps a visual designer around the language to quickly create Polls, Quiz's and Forms that can be deployed instantly.

This project includes a sample website with integrated database (in AppData). Just unzip, open with Visual Studio and you are in the driver's seat.

This release allows you to design a one-question poll question, Quiz, or Form with a number of different types of question types supported. Future releases will increase the functionality. - Wiki version