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Website Design: Getting Started with COR Roles

Modified on 2009/09/06 22:24 by Charles Categorized as Website Design

Getting Started with COR Roles

COR Roles are used to build partitioned websites, where different groups manage different sections of the website or specific parts of specific pages.

  • Define the site map for the website.
  • Define page templates for how content is displayed on a page.
    • e.g. One, two or three column model
  • Define user groups and how the website is viewed.
  • Define management groups and how the website is edited.
  • Define the look and feel of the website.

Answer these questions

These questions are a starting point in creating your website. The objective is to build a good-looking site that is functional.

  1. What are the user groups?
    • What groups view the website?
    • What users edit what parts of the website?
  2. How is the website partioned from a management perspective?
    • What groups edit the website?
  3. What processes are used to manage the website?
    • Is content added and published in one step?
    • Is content added by Content Editors and released by Content Publishers?
    • Who is allowed to create pages?
    • Who is allowed to upload files?
  4. How is content displayed on pages?
    • Define the page templates
  5. What are the landing pages to the website?
    • The Home Page is the most important landing page in the website.
    • What other pages are landing points? For what user groups?
    • What management groups edit portions of the home page? other entry pages?
  6. What does your website look like?
    • What is the theme of the web page?
    • What are the key images used across pages?
    • Define the site's colour scheme.
    • Define the font family and colour. - Wiki version