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Jazz Bulk Import Web Part

This Web Part is used to import Jazz objects into Jazz tables.
Figure 1 shows the report when first presented on the page.
Figure 2 shows the report after the user selected a report to display.


  • Bulk Import uses Workflow Configuration File for Web Design.
  • If the Id column is included in the list of property columns to import, the Id is searched in the table. If found, then the object is updated. If not found, then a new object is created with the Id from the import.
  • Workspaces can be automatically created.
  • Roles can be automatically created.
Figure 1: Jazz Bulk Import

Figure 1: Jazz Bulk Import


This Web Part is accessed by the Jazz Admin Library.

Edit Properties

Custom Edit properties include:
  • Admin Role: A semi-colon delimited list of Roles allowed to access this Web Part. If blank, then anyone can view this Web Part.
  • Refer to Jazz Filtering for Config File parameter.
  • Auto-Create Workspace?: if checked and a workspace is not found, automatically create the new workspace. Otherwise, assign the object to the Public workspace.
  • Auto-Create Role: if checked and a role is not found, automatically create the new role. Otherwise, do not assign the Role to the object.
  • Jazz Common Edit Properties
Figure 2: Editor for Jazz Bulk Import

Figure 2: Editor for Jazz Bulk Import - Wiki version