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Jazz Login form
Figure 1: Jazz Login

Jazz Login Web Part

This Web Part is used to log into Jazz.
This is the form used to log into Jazz and retrieve a forgotten password.
Check the Remember Me box to remember the user name from the last successful login.

Jazz Login Web Part
Figure 2: Jazz Login form after user is logged in.

Once the user is logged in, the form shows login status and change their password.


This Web Part is accessed by the Jazz Admin Panel or the Jazz Login Library.


Web Part features include:
Jazz Login form showing details

Jazz Login form showing details

Figure 3: Editor for Jazz Login

Edit Properties for the Web Part

Edit properties include:
  • Login Message: The message to display before the user logs in.
  • Login Message Class: The CSS Class used for the login message.
  • Label CSS Class: The CSS Class used for labels in the form.
  • Disable Message: The message displayed if the Web Part is disabled.
  • Destination Page Url: The Page address where the user is routed for successful login. If blank, then the user is routed to the same page.
  • Login Details: if checked, then the login details showing subscription, roles is shown.
  • CMS Common Edit Properties - Wiki version