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Jazz Sorting

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   Jazz Sorting
      Edit Properties

Jazz Sorting

Jazz Sorting is used to sort a list of records. There are multiple sorts available, such sort by the Name property, when the record was created, who created the record, who last updated the records, when the record was last updated, the site where the record was created, and a foreign key sort.

The foreign key sort is used for Guid properties, e.g. a ContactId points to a contact in the Contact table. Using ContactId as the foreign key sort sorts the records in the order of the name of the Contact.

Edit Properties

Edit properties for Jazz Sorting include:
  • Sort Property: identifies the property used to sort the Jazz objects.
    • Name: The name of the Jazz object.
    • CreatedOn: The date when the Jazz object was created.
    • CreatedBy: The person who created the Jazz object.
    • UpdatedOn: The when the Jazz object was last updated.
    • UpdatedBy: The person who last updated the Jazz object.
    • Site: The site where the Jazz object was created.
    • Foreign Key Sort: use a foreign key to sort
  • Foreign Key Sort: an optional filter that If the Sort Property is 'ForeignKey', then the Name of the Foreign Key property used to sort the collection displayed.
  • Sort Order: The order in which Jazz objects are sorted.
    • Ascending: objects are sorted in ascending manner.
    • Descending: objects are sorted in descending manner.
    • None: No sort order.
Figure 1: Editor Parameters for Jazz Sorting

Figure 1: Editor Parameters for Jazz Sorting - Wiki version