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   Jazz Viewer Web Part
      Edit Properties

Jazz Viewer Web Part

  • The Jazz Viewer Web Part is is fairly simple. It displays properties in read-only mode.
  • The data may be displayed in different layouts.
Figure 1: Jazz Viewer

Figure 1: Jazz Viewer


This Web Part is accessed by the Jazz Base Library.

Edit Properties

Custom Edit properties include:
  • Title Class: The CSS style used for the title of the Web Part.
  • Label Class: The CSS style used for the labels in the Web Part.
  • Form Layout: The format for how the data is displayed.
    • Row: Display properties as a label and the value in the same row.
    • Column: Display properties as a label and the value in the same column.
    • Tile: Display properties as a label in the first row and the value indented in the next row.
    • Cell Format: Display multiple properties in the same cell of a row.
  • Config File: an xml-based file that contain workflow configuration parameters used to customize the display of a Jazz object.
  • Show Print Command?: if checked, displays an icon that if clicked prints just the editor.
  • Jazz Common Edit Properties
Figure 2: Editor for Jazz Viewer

Figure 3a: Editor for Jazz Viewer - Wiki version