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Figure 1: Synchronize Xml Files

Figure 1: Synchronize Xml Files

CMS Synchronize Workflow Config Files Web Part

Synchronize Workflow Configuration Files is used to synchronize Workflow Configuration Files from the software release to the website for customization purposes.

Workflow Configuration Files supplement Jetfire code classes by defining a number of property attributes in an xml file that are used when Web Part are displayed. The attributes include:
  • Display Name: The label displayed with the property. This is a friendly name. Multi-lingual strings may also be specified.
  • Is displayed: If true, then the property is displayed on the form.
  • Form Element: The type of control used to display the property. e.g. A Property that is a Date Time can be displayed as a calendar, date and time inputs, date input only or time input only.
  • Position: The order in which the properties are displayed, 1 is first.
  • Is required?: If true, then the user must enter a value for this property.
  • Width: the width of the control.
  • Group: Group is used to define what workflows are included in a list control.

Figure 2: Example of a Workflow Configuration file

Figure 2: Example of a Workflow Configuration file


This Web Part is accessed by the CMS Admin Panel.

Edit Properties

Custom Edit properties include:

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