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Jetfire Custom Web Parts Library

The Jetfire Custom Web Parts Library includes:

  • Bing Map displays the location (longitude and latitude) property in Jetfire Workflows.
  • Content Rating for Pages is used by a Jetfire User to Rate Content on a web page.
  • Email Distribution List is an email form with a email distribution list created from the email address property with Jetfire Workflows.
  • Find Route is used to find a route from source to destination.
  • Rating Averages for Surveys is used by the Jetfire Administrator to display a average ratings for web pages.
  • Send Email is used by a Jetfire User to send an email based on Jetfire workflows.
  • Timesheet is used by a Jetfire User to input time-slips.
  • Timesheet Summary displays a summary of timesheets.
  • User Link Part displays one or more links that change whether the user is or is not logged in.

Software Package

Configure software package: Jetfire Custom to see these Web Parts.

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