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Manage Jetfire Users

Jetfire Users Web Part

This Web Part is used to edit and delete Jetfire Users.

Setting the Password

To set the password for a User, follow these steps:
  1. Select the user from the list of users.
  2. Enter the 'Current Password' - this is the password of the User that is currently logged in.
  3. Enter the 'New Password' and the 'Confirm Password' for the user.
  4. Click 'Set Password' command at the bottom.

Manage Jetfire Users

Manage Jetfire Users

Edit Properties for the Web Part

Edit Properties include:
  • Admin Role: A comma-delimited list of Roles that can use the Web Part.
  • User Login: A comma-delimited list of code classes that inherit from the User class. These are displayed in the Web Part.
  • Display Count: The number of User workflows to display. Next and previous links are displayed.
  • Prompt to set Password?: If checked, then the user can set the password.  e.g. Administrators can reset the password in certain configurations.
  • Show Details?: If checked, then the login details are displayed.
  • Jetfire Common Edit Properties

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