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Jetfire Workspace Navigation Web Part

This Web Part displays a number of workflows found in a workspace.


This Web Part is accessed by the Jetfire Admin Panel and the Jetfire Navigation Web Parts Library.


Edit Properties

Custom Edit properties include:
  • Admin Role: A comma-delimited list of Roles that can use the Web Part.
  • Name: The name displayed as a header on the Web Part.
  • Workspace: A comma-delimited list of workspaces that is displayed in the Web Part.
  • Show Preferred Workspace?: If checked, then the preferred workspace is displayed with a set of workflows.
  • Edit Workspace Names?: If checked, then the workspace names may be changed.
  • Sort Option: The sorting option for displaying the workspaces.
  • Close Nodes?: If checked, then the nodes are displayed in a closed format.
  • Number of Workflows displayed: the number of workflows that are displayed for each workspace.  If the count is 0, then all workflows in the workspace are displayed.

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