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   Workflow Advanced Search Web Part
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Advanced Search for Workflows

Advanced Search for Workflows

Workflow Advanced Search Web Part

This Web Part is used to search for strings in Jetfire Workflows.  The search algorithm is flexible in that there are a number of different combinations of word strings that can be searched for, including:
  • All these words: this is an AND'ing of the words.
  • This exact wording or phrase.
  • One of more of these words: this is an OR'ing of the words.
  • But don't show content that has any of these unwanted words: This is useful in searching for a word with multiple meanings where you are searching for one specific meaning.
  • Check 'Case Sensitive' for searches where case of the search strings matter.You can combine these search patterns.


Search for:
  • A set of search strings that are AND'd.
  • Exact wording or phrases.
  • A set of search string that are OR'd.
  • Include search strings that are not wanted.
  • Case sensitive search strings.
  • Search strings in a specific set of workflows, identified by the workflow names, Find Workflow filter, Filter and Show all versions.
  • Search strings in specific properties, identified by field names.


This Web Part is accessed by the Jetfire Admin Panel and the Jetfire Reports Web Parts Library.

Editor for Advanced Search for Workflows

Editor for Advanced Search for Workflows

Edit Properties

Custom Edit properties include:
  • Search Message: A message displayed to invite the user to search for something.
  • Field Names: A comma-delimited list of properties that are searched.
  • Field Display Names: A comma-delimited list of displayed names for the properties.
  • Workflow Filtering is used to find a specific set of workflows.
  • Jetfire Common Edit Properties

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