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Bulk Export Web Part

Bulk Export Web Part

Jetfire Workflow Bulk Export Web Part

This Web Part is used by the Jetfire Administrator to export Workflows into an Excel spreadsheet. Note: the file is of type: xml, which can be opened by Microsoft Excel.


This Web Part is accessed by the Jetfire Admin Panel and the Jetfire Reports Web Parts Library.

Editor for Bulk Export Web Part

Editor for Bulk Export Web Part

Edit Properties

Custom Edit properties include:
  • Admin Role: A comma-delimited list of Roles that can use the Web Part.
  • CultureInfo: Used to setup the tags used in the Excel spreadsheet.
  • Property Display: Identifies a list of properties that are output to the spreadsheet.
  • Find Workflow (filter): A filter used to identify what workflows are selected.
  • Workflow Names: A comma-delimited list of class names for workflows.
  • Sort Option: The order that the workflows are sorted.
  • Filter: A filter used to filter workflows based on properties. e.g. CurrentState=Active;
  • Show All Versions: Used when multiple versions of code classes are used.
  • Jetfire Common Edit Properties

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