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Void Safety Overview

Void safety is one a number of first class constructs in the Jetfire lanaguage. Void safety is not found in other application languages such as Java and C#. Jetfire supports void safety through several mechanisms to prevent run time exceptions which typically result in system crashes.

Void safety is Jetfire is not absolute. It is possible to have 'null object exceptions'. This is primarily due to the fact supports interaction with other .net objects which may be null and Jetfire supports assigning objects to 'null'. Jetfire can; however greatly reduces the possibility of 'null' object exceptions.

The primary mechanism that Jetfire uses is initialize all objects/workflows refernces to an 'Empty' object. This is the default setting for all objects; however it can be overridden(coming soon) to automatically invoke the default constructor or even set the objects/workflows references to null on a class basis.

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