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Web Part: Share Page with Social Networks

Modified on 2011/04/07 14:52 by Charles Categorized as CMS, Web Parts

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Share Page with Social Networks Web Part

This CMS Web Part makes sharing page content easy. Just add the Share Page Web Part to a page on your website and your users may now immediately share content on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Sharing Page Content

Today's websites are more interconnected with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. WebMasters want people who browse their sites to react:
  • Share the page content with various social networks (hover over the Share button or link and a list of social networks appears)
  • Share the page content on facebook with your friends

  • Tweet about the page content
  • Share the page content with colleagues on Linked-In
  • Add the page to your browser favorites 
  • Email the page link to a friend or colleage
  • Print the page content

  • Give the page content a thumbs up on Facebook


Edit Properties

The default view of the Web Part is as displayed above. There are a number of properties that can be configured on the Web Part, to tailor social media connectivity for your website. The following image shows the Web Part specific properties for the Share Page with Social Networks Web Part.  Un-check an option to hide it on the page.

Image - Wiki version