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Synchronization Localization Web Part

This Web Part is used by the COR Administrator to export and import language strings into the Localization table.



This Web Part is accessed by the CMS Admin Panel.

Import String Values

Language strings may be imported into the Localization table. This is used:
  • when moving strings from one database to another.
  • when adding another language via a spreadsheet.

The import function ensures that there are no duplicates in the database.

Export a Template

The Template is a blank file for use when creating a spreadsheet to be used for import.

Export String Values

The export command is used to export all strings from the database.

Translate Strings

Translate is used (future function) to automatically translate from the base language (English) to another language. When translation is used, the Auto-translation flag is set.

Reset Auto-Translation flag

This command is used to reset the auto-translation flag.

Edit Properties

Custom Edit properties for Upload Files include: - Wiki version