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Content Management Features

Modified on 2009/10/11 16:31 by Charles Categorized as Website Design

Content Management Features

Ease of Use

Websites are aimed at the public, and as such they are easy to use, with content accessible via a hierarchical system of layers. We endeavor to make it easy to find content on the site.


A new design template is created that incorporates branding - a mix of photographic and colour graphic elements to invite the site visitor to read and interact with the site. The template can be sized according to what you want.

Graphics are custom-designed to fit the theme that you want to achieve for your websites. Additional options are available for Visually-impaired users that utilize larger graphics and personalized settings.

Landing Page and Home Page

When English and French are mirrored on a website, we employ a landing page that allows the user to select whether English or French is the preferred language. Once the user selects a preferred language, the option is saved in a cookie. Subsequent visits will provide the user with their preferred language.

A Language Switch can also be added to each web page that allows the user to switch between English or French on any page.


Content is supplied by our customers. It is easy to input content on the page using the WYSIWYG editor.

Accessible Content

As an option, the website can be designed to meet or exceed compliance with all accessibility requirements of the pending Accessible Information and Communication Standard (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005) as it pertains to Static Web Pages and/or Dynamic Websites.

Types of Content

The primary vehicle for delivering content is a web page with simple text, web-friendly graphics, pictures and images. Larger more complex documents are delivered via PDF files.

On-line Forms are also provided. A typical form is the Email form that makes it easy for users to send an email request to a department.

Content Management – Static Pages and Files

Administrative Staff have the ability to manage all content on the site, to add and edit content, in both English and French. This includes the ability to add new pages, create new sections on a page and the appropriate site navigation.

Content management is offered in a user-friendly, code-efficient WYSWYG format, with an option to edit the content in HTML. Page editing also allows for the easy placement of graphics, pictures and hyper-links.

Users are able to upload images, PDFs and other files as necessary to the web server. These uploaded files are organized into folders, with the ability for the user to create new folders, so that files can be properly managed over time. Roles are used to identify what users have access to what folders. The user have the ability to post information immediately to the website or to use a edit/publish process.


Using TrackerRealm’s flexible Roles management functionality, access to individual page elements can be controlled to who can see and edit the content.

Content Management – Jetfire Features

The Content Management System allows for the posting of content that is more transient in nature. Examples include the News and Events.

The News Service allows news items to be easily added using the WYSIWYG editor. An expiry date may be added and content is posted to a news list control that displays a list of news items in abbreviated format. The user may click on the ‘Full Story’ link to read the rest of the news item.

Content Management System – Features

Key features of the Content Management System are listed in this section. We started using this Content Management System in October 2004 for our own website and evolved to deploy it in customer websites. We develop custom modules as add-ins to the current content and maintain a development stream for new content and a release stream with maintenance fixes.

  • Proven success in implementation
  • Modular and extensible
  • Easy User and Roles management
  • Password protected user entry
  • Roles-based permission system
  • Full template support
  • XHTML and CSS compliant
  • Easy-to-use text editors, including WYSIWYG
  • A feature to manage interactive Contact Forms
  • Google Sitemap feature (this allows you to identify how you want Google to index your site)
  • Minimal server requirements
  • Content hierarchy with unlimited depth and size
  • Integrated file manager with upload capabilities
  • Integrated audit log

Feedback from our customers is that they are “amazed at how easy it is for non-technical people to create comprehensive websites” using the TrackerRealm Content Management solution.

Interaction with Search Engines

The final site features search engine friendly content and URLs. Search Engine optimization is included in the site development. - Wiki version