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Twitter User Feed Web Part

This Web Part displays a user feed from Twitter.


The Web Part is accessed from the CMS Social Networks Web Parts Library.

Web Part Features

Each tweet displays
  • Image profile of the person who tweeted.
  • The time that the tweet was created.
  • The user name.
  • The text of the tweet.

Editor for the Web Part

Editor for the Web Part

Edit Properties

Custom edit properties include:

  • Twitter Consumer Key: Consumer Key of your Twitter application account.
  • Twitter Consumer Secret: Consumer Secret of your Twitter application account.
  • Timeline: Type of timeline to get from Twitter.
    • User
    • Friends
    • Public
  • Number of Statuses: Number of Statuses to display (maximum 20 recommended).
  • Filter: Filter for what is display, e.g. display english is 'lang=en'.
  • CMS Common Edit Properties - Wiki version