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Jazz Web Parts Overview

Jazz Web Parts provide a simple, fast, yet flexible GUI for displaying applications in a web browser. Over 50 Web Parts make it easy to design your application. Most Web Parts are used in the Jazz Admin Panel. For your application, you may only need a few for your application. Check out the Jazz Web Part Summary.

Jazz Application examples

Some example application pages include:
The pages referenced above are examples of how the pages are laid out. But with Web Parts, it is easy to change the layout of your pages on the fly to how you want to use them. The most used Jazz Web Parts are the Jazz Editor Web Part and Jazz Navigation Web Part. With these two Web Parts, you can create data, view lists of the data that you created and change it.

Jazz Sorting and Filtering

Jazz Sorting and Jazz Filtering are used to present your data the way that you want it displayed.

Jazz ACLs

For more advanced applications, where controlled access to data is important, Jazz Access Control Lists are used to control access to Jazz Objects. - Wiki version