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Build Web 2.0 Applications

Build Web 2.0 Applications using COR and Jazz Web Parts. Refer to Building Websites using COR for more information.

COR Site Builder is a Content Management System (CMS) that provides a set of Web Parts for designing a Content Managed Website.

Start with the Jazz Overview to see how to include Jazz applications in your website.

Jazz Web Parts provide a simple, fast , yet flexible GUI for displaying applications in a web browser. Over 50 Web Parts make it easy to design your application.

Jazz Applications

Jazz is used to build applications for your Windows Phone, Windows 8 PC, Native PC applications and Web Applications.
Jazz Licensing

Jetfire Workflows

We are discontinuing the Jetfire language and Web Parts. Jetfire wiki support is still available.

Target Audience

This wiki is targeted at a number of different users. Categories are used to help explain information to different users.

WiebeWorks Corporation

WiebeWorks Corporation is the lead design team for Jazz and Jetfire. The Jazz and Jetfire wiki provides more information to designers looking to answer questions about Jazz Web Parts or COR Site Builder. Check out our Downloads.


Editing this wiki is restricted to WiebeWorks CMS and Jazz developers. - Wiki version