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Website Design using COR

This page contains a list of topics aimed at building a website. The main page contains information for what is Jazz and Jetfire.

The Basics

COR Outline
Building Web 2.0 Pages
Building Web 2.0 Applications
Building Websites with COR
COR Site Builder
CMS Features
CMS Tricks and Tips

Building Pages

Example of Content Management using COR
Designing Pages with CMS
Website Design: Create a new page
Personalization Control

Navigation and the Website

Navigation Links File

Master Pages

Master Page

Languages for your Website

Languages and Web Pages
Setting languages

Securing your website

Website Design: Getting Started with COR Roles
Applying COR Roles to Web Pages
Login Type
Users and Roles
Publishing Content with COR

Advanced CMS Topics

Applying Social Networks
Software Packaging

Configuration Files

Web.Config Application Settings
Xml File for Image List
XML files used with Content Management

Integrating Jazz Objects into your website

Jazz Libraries
Jazz Filtering
Jazz ACLs

Integrating Jetfire Workflows into your website

GUI: Displaying Jetfire Workflows
GUI: Jetfire Property Display
Jetfire Handler
Form Maker: a Visual Designer
Workflow Configuration File for Web Design
Jetfire Libraries

Advanced Jetfire Topics

Application Design



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