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Jetfire Web Parts Overview

A Web Part is an ASP.NET server control that is added to a Web Part Zone on Web Part Pages by designers at design time or users at run time. Web Parts are an integrated set of controls for creating Web sites that enable end users to modify the content, appearance, and behavior of Web pages directly from a browser. (Refer to Web Parts Namespace for an integrated set of classes and interfaces, known collectively as the Web Parts control set, for creating Web pages whose appearance and behavior can be modified (personalized) by end users.)

This document describes the Jetfire Web Parts that are used to display Jetfire Workflows.


Jetfire makes it easy to create and/or modify Workflows. The objective of Jetfire Web Parts is to provide a functional GUI for the display of Jetfire Workflows. Each Jetfire Web Part provides specific display functionality for Jetfire Workflows. Jetfire Web Parts are added to Web Pages at design time or run time to provide a functional GUI for Jetfire Workflows.

Check out the Jetfire Web Parts Library to learn how to build Web 2.0 websites with Jetfire workflows.

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